Brisbane’s Northside Beckons: Discover the Best Suburbs for Your Family’s Future

Brisbane’s Northside Beckons - Discover The Best Suburbs for Your Family’s Future

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Families come in all shapes and sizes, and so do Brisbane’s northern suburbs! If you’re making the exciting move to sunny Brisbane, finding the perfect place to plant your family roots is crucial. The northside has a lot to offer, but which neighbourhoods truly shine when it comes to raising a happy, healthy family? Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Brisbane Northside Suburb Family-Friendly?

It’s not just about the parks (though those are important!). When we talk about family-friendliness, we mean:

  • Safe and Welcoming: Low crime rates and a strong sense of community.
  • Excellent Schools: A choice of quality public and private educational options.
  • Green Spaces and Playgrounds: Plenty of ways to get outdoors and burn off energy.
  • Convenient Amenities: Think libraries, community centers, shops, and medical facilities.
  • A Range of Housing Options: Catering to different budgets and family sizes.

Spotlight on Brisbane North’s Family-Friendly Gems

Let’s take a tour of some of the best family suburbs the north has to offer:

Bridgeman Downs:

  • Feel: Affluent, leafy, and family-oriented. Think spacious homes and expansive parks.
  • Schools: Excellent reputation for both public and private schools.
  • Amenities: Smaller local shops and cafes, but major shopping centers are a short drive away.
  • Best For: Established families seeking a comfortable, semi-rural lifestyle within commuting distance of the city.

Everton Hills:

  • Feel: Community-focused with a mix of established and newer housing.
  • Schools: Several well-regarded primary and secondary schools.
  • Amenities: Great parks and sporting facilities, plus a good selection of shops and services.
  • Best For: Families across various budget levels who want that ‘neighborly’ environment.


  • Feel: Quintessential seaside charm with a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Schools: A mix of public and private options, catering to different needs.
  • Amenities: Beaches, waterfront parks, bike paths, plus the vibrant Sandgate village with shops and cafes.
  • Best For: Those craving a coastal lifestyle with easy access to the water and green spaces.


  • Feel: Historic and tranquil with a similar seaside vibe to Sandgate.
  • Schools: Choice of quality schools in the area.
  • Amenities: Stunning waterfront, pier, parks, and the charming Shorncliffe village.
  • Best For: Families who want a quieter coastal community experience.

North Lakes:

  • Feel: Modern, master-planned community with a focus on convenience and outdoor living.
  • Schools: Growing selection of educational options catering to young families.
  • Amenities: Major shopping center (Westfield), lakes, walking paths, medical facilities.
  • Best For: Families seeking a balance of planned amenities and green spaces.


  • Feel: Room for families to grow with diverse housing options and plenty of parks.
  • Schools: Good selection of public and private schools in and around the area.
  • Amenities: Sports fields, bike paths, smaller shopping centers, and access to major highways.
  • Best For: Families wanting space and affordability, without being too far from the city.


  • Feel: Well-established suburb with a reliable, community feel.
  • Schools: Variety of schools and childcare options available.
  • Amenities: Large shopping center (Aspley Hypermarket), restaurants, and community services.
  • Best For: Families valuing convenience and a good selection of established homes.

Bracken Ridge:

  • Feel: Friendly and budget-conscious, offering larger blocks and older style family homes.
  • Schools: Excellent educational choices with several primary and secondary schools.
  • Amenities: Local parks, sporting clubs, and a mix of shops and services.
  • Best For: Families prioritizing space and value for money.

Albany Creek:

  • Feel: Mix of modern and established homes, with abundant green spaces.
  • Schools: Good quality schools within the suburb.
  • Amenities: Albany Creek Leisure Centre, walking paths, local shops, and restaurants.
  • Best For: Families seeking a balance of amenities and a relaxed pace.

Eatons Hill:

  • Feel: Semi-rural atmosphere with larger properties and spacious living.
  • Schools: Choice of quality schools in neighboring suburbs.
  • Amenities: Eatons Hill Hotel (family dining/entertainment), parks, and access to natural bushland settings.
  • Best For: Families desiring more land and a quieter lifestyle without compromising on connectivity.

Safe and Welcoming: Low crime rates and a strong sense of community.

Peace of mind is priceless for families. In suburbs like Bridgeman Downs, Everton Hills, and Sandgate, low crime rates allow kids to play outside with greater freedom and foster a sense of belonging. Residents look out for one another, and community events like neighborhood BBQs in Shorncliffe or markets in North Lakes strengthen bonds, creating a safe and supportive environment for families to thrive.

Excellent Schools: A choice of quality public and private educational options.

Brisbane’s north offers families access to some of Queensland’s best schools. Suburbs like Aspley and Albany Creek boast highly regarded public schools, easing the morning school run. Those seeking a faith-based or specialized education will appreciate the diverse range of private schools scattered throughout the northside. Nurturing a love of learning starts with the right school environment, and these suburbs deliver.

  • Bridgeman Downs Schools
    • Aspley State School (Primary)
    • St Paul’s School (Private, P-12)
    • Several early learning centers and childcare options
  • Everton Hills Schools
    • Everton Park State School (Primary)
    • Everton Park State High School (Secondary)
    • Northside Christian College (Private, P-12)
  • Sandgate Schools
    • Sacred Heart Primary School
    • Sandgate State School (Primary)
    • St Patrick’s College (Private, boys, Secondary)
  • Shorncliffe Schools
    • Shorncliffe State School (Primary)
    • Sandgate District State High School (Secondary)
  • North Lakes Schools
    • North Lakes State College (P-12)
    • The Lakes College (Private, P-12)
    • Bounty Boulevard State School (Primary)
  • Warner Schools
    • Genesis Christian College (Private, P-12)
    • Bray Park State School (Primary)
    • Bray Park State High School (Secondary)
  • Aspley Schools
    • Aspley East State School (Primary)
    • Craigslea State High School (Secondary)
    • St Dympna’s Primary School
    • Plenty of childcare centers
  • Bracken Ridge Schools
    • Bracken Ridge State School (Primary)
    • Bracken Ridge State High School (Secondary)
    • St Joseph’s Primary School
  • Albany Creek Schools
    • Albany Creek State School (Primary)
    • Albany Hills State School (Primary)
    • Albany Creek State High School (Secondary)
    • All Saints Parish Primary School
  • Eatons Hill Schools
    • Eatons Hill State School (Primary)
    • Nearby access to schools in surrounding suburbs like Albany Creek and Petrie.

Catchment zones apply for many schools on Brisbane’s northside, so you can check out where each zone is by clicking here.

Green Spaces and Playgrounds: Plenty of ways to get outdoors and burn off energy.

Active kids are happy kids! Parks and playgrounds are essential for family life. Warner and North Lakes feature sprawling green spaces perfect for picnics and ball games. Established suburbs like Bracken Ridge and Bridgeman Downs offer pockets of bushland and walking trails, encouraging an appreciation for nature. Playgrounds abound, providing places for little ones to climb, swing, and socialize.

Convenient Amenities: Think libraries, community centers, shops, and medical facilities.

Family life runs smoother when essentials are close at hand. In suburbs like Sandgate and Aspley, libraries become hubs for storytime, and community centers offer activities for all ages. Major shopping centers, particularly in North Lakes and Warner, provide everything from groceries to entertainment. Access to quality medical care is vital for families, and many northside suburbs have reliable clinics and healthcare providers within reach.

  • Bridgeman Downs Shopping
    • Smaller shopping centres for essentials:
      • Bridgeman Downs Shopping Village
      • McDowall Village
    • Larger shopping centres nearby (e.g., Chermside, Brookside)
  • Everton Hills Shopping
    • Everton Plaza (supermarket, specialty stores, cafes)
    • Flockton Village (local IGA, shops)
    • Nearby access to larger centers (Brookside, Arana Hills)
  • Sandgate Shopping
    • Sandgate Town Centre (mix of chain and independent stores)
    • Supermarkets (Woolworths, Coles)
    • Charming boutiques and cafes along the waterfront
  • Shorncliffe Shopping
    • Smaller selection of shops for essentials
    • Sandgate’s retail offerings are a short distance away
  • North Lakes Shopping
    • Westfield North Lakes: Major shopping destination (department stores, supermarkets, cinemas, dining)
    • Smaller village-style centers for local needs
  • Warner Shopping
    • Warner Marketplace (supermarkets, discount department store, variety stores)
    • Smaller centers with everyday essentials
    • Access to larger hubs like Strathpine Centre
  • Aspley Shopping
    • Aspley Hypermarket: Large center (Big W, Woolworths, specialty shops)
    • Aspley Homemaker City (focus on furniture and homewares)
  • Bracken Ridge Shopping
    • Local shopping strip along Telegraph Road
    • Bracken Ridge Plaza (supermarket, selection of stores)
    • Larger centers within a short drive
  • Albany Creek Shopping
    • Albany Creek Village (Coles, cafes, variety)
    • Smaller specialty stores scattered throughout the suburb
    • Albany Creek Marketplace
  • Eatons Hill Shopping
    • Limited local shopping options
    • Eatons Hill Village provides some essentials
    • Larger retail hubs in neighboring areas

A Range of Housing Options: Catering to different budgets and family sizes.

Finding a home that fits both your family and finances is key. Suburbs like Albany Creek and Warner offer a spectrum of housing styles – from modern apartments to established homes on larger blocks. Those seeking a more spacious, semi-rural lifestyle might consider Eatons Hill, while budget-conscious families find a welcoming community and affordability in Bracken Ridge. The northside’s variety ensures there’s something to suit every family’s needs.

The Search is Personal

The best suburb for your family depends on your priorities! You should consider:

  • Stage of Life: Do you have toddlers or teenagers? Different suburbs may suit different life stages.
  • Work Commute: Factor in easy access to transport or highways if commutes are a concern.
  • Lifestyle: Love the beach or prefer a quieter pace?
  • Affordability: Research median house prices and compare them with your budget.
  • The “Feel Test”: Nothing beats spending time in a suburb – stroll the streets, visit the local café, see if it resonates with you.

Brisbane’s northside offers a wealth of choices for families. By considering your needs, exploring these top suburbs, and getting a feel for the different areas, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home.

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