Brisbane’s Best Eastern Suburbs for Families: Your Complete Guide 2024

Brisbane's Best Eastern Suburbs for Families - Your Complete Guide 2024

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If you’re dreaming of relocating your family to sunny Brisbane, the city’s eastern suburbs offer a fantastic mix of lifestyle, convenience, and community. But with such a diverse selection, where do you begin your search? Let’s explore why Brisbane’s east shines for families and uncover some of the top contenders for your new home base.

What Makes Brisbane’s East Special for Families?

  • Bayside Living: Suburbs like Wynnum, Manly, and Wellington Point offer that relaxed coastal charm, complete with beaches, waterfront parks, and a slower pace.
  • City Access: Eastern suburbs closer to the CBD, such as Bulimba and Camp Hill, provide the best of both worlds – leafy streets, good schools, and easy commutes for working parents.
  • Variety is Key: The east caters to all budgets and family sizes, from historic character homes to modern, spacious builds in planned communities.
  • Green and Serene: Parks, reserves, and walking trails abound throughout the east, encouraging healthy outdoor living.

Top Eastern Suburbs for Families


These twin bayside suburbs offer a quintessential coastal lifestyle with a mix of character homes, modern apartments, and charming beachside cottages. Families flock here for the excellent state and private schools and a vibrant cafe scene that adds urban buzz to the relaxed atmosphere.

Wellington Point

Spacious bayside living defines Wellington Point. Ample green spaces and a family-focused community are big draws for those seeking less crowded coastal living. Residents enjoy good schools and a slower-paced lifestyle.

Victoria Point

Modern living is the hallmark of Victoria Point, with newer homes often boasting larger blocks, ideal for growing families. Access to lakes, parks, and a major shopping center add to its convenient lifestyle.

Camp Hill

Leafy streets, character homes, and well-established parks give Camp Hill its timeless charm. This suburb boasts highly regarded schools and easy commutes to the CBD, making it a desirable choice for working parents seeking a balance of convenience and green space.


Carindale is a major shopping hub offering a diverse range of housing, from established homes to modern apartments. Good schools and strong transport links to the city make it a popular choice for a wide variety of families.


Cleveland blends bayside living with a touch of history. Residents enjoy exploring the charming main street, strolling the foreshore parks, and attending weekend markets. Good train access to the city and a mix of schools add to its appeal for those wanting a coastal feel with an easy commute.


This well-planned community caters to young families with modern homes, plentiful parks, and waterways. Amenities continue to grow in Ormiston, making it an attractive option for those seeking a newer neighborhood prioritizing outdoor living.


Ransome offers a sense of space with larger blocks, providing room to grow. Close proximity to the Wynnum/Manly bayside, its schools, and amenities make it appealing for those who want a less dense environment.


Trendy inner-city living comes at a premium in Bulimba. Character homes, excellent schools, and the vibrant Oxford Street precinct with trendy cafes and boutiques define its appeal. Families are drawn to the walkable lifestyle and buzz.


Chandler offers a modern suburban lifestyle with an abundance of parks and playgrounds. A range of housing options, from townhouses to larger homes, and its proximity to major highways make it a convenient choice for families valuing outdoor living and easy access to wider Brisbane.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the eastern hotspots that consistently rank high on the family-friendly scale:

Finding Your Perfect Eastern Suburbs Fit

Bayside Living:

Suburbs like Wynnum, Manly, and Wellington Point offer that relaxed coastal charm, complete with beaches, waterfront parks, and a slower pace.

Life in the eastern bayside suburbs centres around the water. Sandy beaches invite you for morning dips or weekend sandcastle building, while calm inlets are perfect for kayaking and paddle boarding adventures. Bustling marinas add to the coastal ambience.

Sprawling waterfront parks stretch along the foreshore, equipped with playgrounds, picnic shelters, and endless views of Moreton Bay – ideal for weekend barbecues and stunning sunset strolls.

While well-connected, these suburbs prioritise a relaxed lifestyle, where you’re more likely to find bustling cafes along the waterfront than crowded shopping centres.

City Access:

Eastern suburbs closer to the CBD, such as Bulimba and Camp Hill, provide the best of both worlds – leafy streets, good schools, and easy commutes for working parents.

Suburbs like Bulimba and Camp Hill offer a balance of leafy charm and urban convenience. Tree-lined streets and character homes define these neighbourhoods, yet they’re well-connected to the CBD.

Commuters enjoy a range of options, from reliable buses to the iconic Bulimba CityCat ferry service, or a manageable drive to the city. These suburbs boast excellent schools, with sought-after public options and easy access to a range of private schools – a major drawcard for families.

You get that touch of urban buzz, but with more breathing room and green space compared to the inner-city hustle.

Variety is Key:

The east caters to all budgets and family sizes, from historic character homes to modern, spacious builds in planned communities.

The east’s housing diversity is one of its major strengths. If you dream of a classic Queenslander with its characteristic verandahs, suburbs like Bulimba and Wynnum have you covered.

Those seeking brand-new homes with modern amenities will find options in planned communities like Ormiston or Victoria Point. Land size varies as well; inner-city suburbs tend to offer smaller blocks for those wanting proximity, while further out, you’ll gain more space for your budget. This variety caters to families in different life stages.

Price points in the east offer relative affordability compared to their western counterparts, with prices fluctuating depending on how close to the city or bayside you desire.

Green and Serene:

Parks, reserves, and walking trails abound throughout the east, encouraging healthy outdoor living.

Brisbane’s east is a haven for those who love the outdoors. From expansive parklands like Bulimba Memorial Park to smaller neighbourhood reserves tucked in local streets, there’s always a green space to enjoy. Kick a ball with the kids, let the dog run free, or simply relax under a shady tree.

Walking trails weave through the suburbs – explore the Wynnum/Manly waterfront paths with their coastal views or venture into bushland trails around Camp Hill. The east’s abundance of green spaces inspires an active lifestyle, whether that’s family bike rides, picnics, or joining a local sports club.

Safe and Welcoming:

Low crime rates and a strong sense of community.

Brisbane’s eastern suburbs are generally known for their safe and welcoming atmosphere. Low crime rates provide peace of mind for families, allowing kids to play outside with a sense of freedom.

Many suburbs retain a friendly ‘village’ feel where local events, farmers’ markets, and knowing your neighbourhood barista foster a sense of connection and belonging.

New families often find it easy to integrate into the community, whether it’s through their children’s schools, sporting groups, or simply by frequenting local businesses and getting to know the faces behind the counter.

Excellent Schools:

A choice of quality public and private educational options.

Families are spoiled for choice when it comes to schooling in the eastern suburbs. Highly regarded public schools can be found throughout the area.

In suburbs like Camp Hill, Manly, and Bulimba, top-performing state schools draw families seeking quality education close to home.

The east also boasts a strong selection of private and faith-based schools, offering diverse educational philosophies and specialised programs. Examples include Anglican Church Grammar School (“Churchie”) in East Brisbane for boys, and Lourdes Hill College in Hawthorne, a Catholic secondary school for girls.

Wynnum/Manly Schools

  • Schools
    • Wynnum State School (Primary)
    • Wynnum State High School (Secondary)
    • Manly State School (Primary)
    • Iona College (Private Boys, P-12)
    • Moreton Bay Colleges (Co-ed, P-12)
  • Childcare
    • Several childcare centres and preschools, including both long day care and kindergarten options. Examples include Goodstart Early Learning, Guardian Early Learning Group, C&K.

Wellington Point Schools

  • Schools
    • Wellington Point State School (Primary)
    • Ormiston College (Private, P-12)
  • Childcare
    • Early learning centres and family day care options available.

Victoria Point Schools

  • Schools
    • Victoria Point State School (Primary)
    • Victoria Point State High School (Secondary)
    • Redlands College (Private Christian, P-12)
  • Childcare
    • Range of early learning centres and family day care providers.

Camp Hill Schools

  • Schools
    • Camp Hill State Infants and Primary School
    • St Thomas Catholic Primary School
    • Coorparoo Secondary College (State)
    • Anglican Church Grammar School (“Churchie”) – Nearby
  • Childcare
    • Variety of long day care centres and smaller preschools.

Carindale Schools

  • Schools
    • Belmont State School (Primary)
    • Whites Hill State College (P-12)
    • Citipointe Christian College (P-12)
  • Childcare
    • Diverse selection of childcare centres with a mix of larger providers and smaller facilities.

Cleveland Schools

  • Schools
    • Cleveland State School (Primary)
    • Cleveland District State High School (Secondary)
    • Redlands College (Private, P-12, located in Wellington Point but accessible to Cleveland families)
  • Childcare
    • Good mix of childcare centres and family day care options.

Ormiston Schools

  • Schools
    • Ormiston State School (Primary)
    • Ormiston College (Private, P-12)
  • Childcare
    • Growing number of early learning centres as this suburb continues to develop.

Ransome Schools

  • Schools
    • Nearby access to state schools within Wynnum and Manly, as well as private school options.
  • Childcare
    • Options available in the neighbouring Wynnum/ Manly area.

Bulimba Schools

  • Schools
    • Bulimba State School (Primary)
    • Balmoral State High School (Secondary)
    • Lourdes Hill College (Private Girls, Secondary)
  • Childcare
    • Range of childcare centres, some catering to specific age groups or early learning methodologies.

Chandler Schools

  • Schools
    • Chandler State School (Primary)
    • Sleeman Sports Complex caters to several public secondary schools in the area.
  • Childcare
    • Early learning centres are located within the suburb.

Important Reminders:

  • Catchment Areas: Catchment zones apply for many schools in Brisbane’s east, so you can check out where each zone is by clicking here.
  • Waiting Lists: Popular childcare centres often have waitlists, so inquire early!
  • Specific Needs: Research schools or childcare centres that specialise in certain programs or philosophies (e.g., Montessori, language immersion).

Convenient Amenities:

Think libraries, community centres, shops, and medical facilities.

The East balances its relaxed feel with modern conveniences. Major hubs like Carindale and Cleveland provide large-scale shopping, dining, and entertainment options for all your needs.

Local libraries offer a fantastic resource for families, hosting storytime sessions, activities, and a wealth of books to discover.

Community centres act as gathering spots, often providing classes, events, and meeting spaces for all ages. Reliable medical access is essential for families, and most eastern suburbs have neighbourhood medical clinics and easy access to major hospitals when needed.

  • Wynnum/Manly Shopping
    • Wynnum Central: Mix of chain retailers, smaller boutiques, cafes, and supermarkets (Woolworths, Aldi).
    • Manly Harbour Village: Charming waterfront precinct with independent shops, restaurants, and weekend markets.
    • Smaller shopping strips along the esplanades offer local essentials.
  • Wellington Point Shopping
    • Wellington Point Village: Anchored by an IGA supermarket and offers a variety of local shops and services.
    • Larger shopping needs often met at nearby Victoria Point.
  • Victoria Point Shopping
    • Victoria Point Shopping Centre: Large complex with major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths, Aldi), department stores, and a wide selection of stores.
    • Lakeside precinct offers dining and entertainment options.
  • Camp Hill Shopping
    • Martha Street Precinct: Trendy boutiques, cafes, and homewares stores.
    • Camp Hill Marketplace: Focus on local needs with a Woolworths and specialty shops.
    • Nearby Coorparoo Square offers further retail options.
  • Carindale Shopping
    • Westfield Carindale: Major shopping destination with department stores (Myer, David Jones), supermarkets, fashion brands, cinemas, and a large dining area.
  • Cleveland Shopping
    • Bloomfield Street: Historic main street with some independent stores alongside practical services.
    • Stockland Cleveland: Provides supermarkets and a mix of chain retailers.
    • Raby Bay Harbourside: Dining and some boutique shopping with a waterfront setting.
  • Ormiston Shopping
    • Ormiston Town Centre: Growing retail hub anchored by a Woolworths, with cafes and specialty stores. Focus on everyday convenience.
  • Ransome Shopping
    • Limited local shopping options. Residents generally rely on neighbouring Wynnum/Manly areas for wider retail needs.
  • Bulimba Shopping
    • Oxford Street: Iconic shopping destination known for fashion boutiques, homewares, and a vibrant cafe scene.
    • Smaller local shops dot the surrounding streets.
  • Chandler Shopping
    • Smaller, localised shopping centres provide for everyday essentials.
    • Access to larger shopping complexes in neighbouring suburbs like Carindale.

Things to Consider:

  • ‘Vibe’ Matters: Some suburbs offer quaint, boutique experiences (Manly, Bulimba), while others focus on major chain stores and convenience (Carindale, Victoria Point).
  • Beyond Supermarkets: Explore bakeries, butchers, and fresh produce stores scattered throughout most suburbs.
  • Markets: Weekends often bring pop-up markets with local makers and gourmet food stalls to suburbs like Wynnum and Cleveland.

Remember, the best fit comes down to your priorities! Consider:

  • Lifestyle: Relaxed coastal or convenient city fringe?
  • Schools: Research reputations and catchment areas.
  • Budget: Factor in the variations between inner-city and outer suburbs.
  • Commute: How important is easy access to the CBD?
  • The “Feel Test”: Spend time in potential suburbs to gauge the atmosphere.

Brisbane’s east delivers a compelling mix of family-friendly living. By exploring these top suburbs and considering your family’s unique needs, you’ll discover your ideal place to call home.

Start your exploration today! Browse detailed suburb profiles and up-to-date real estate news on Moving to Brisbane or if you need a Buyers Agent visit Buyers Agent Connect