Master Wilderness Safety: Join the Wilderness First Aid Training in Brisbane

Wilderness First Aid Training in Brisbane

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A unique opportunity beckons for those passionate about the great outdoors. 

The Wilderness First Aid Training in Brisbane is not just a course; it’s an essential journey towards safety and preparedness. 

This comprehensive training program is a beacon of knowledge and skills in outdoor safety and first aid courses.

Key Details of Brisbane’s Wilderness First Aid Training

Embark on a journey of learning and adventure with the Wilderness First Aid Training in Brisbane, scheduled for the following dates:

  • 13 – 14 January 2024 at Samford (North Brisbane): Kickstart your year with this comprehensive first aid training in the serene setting of Samford. This session is ideal for those looking to enhance their outdoor safety skills early in the year.
  • 02 – 03 March 2024 at Samford (North Brisbane): Continue your learning or join us anew in March for another session of our acclaimed first aid training. The Samford location offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and practical training facilities.

These dates have been selected to provide flexibility and convenience for all participants, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to partake in this vital training. 

Inside Look: Comprehensive Wilderness First Aid Courses

The course is a perfect amalgamation of interactive online first aid learning and on-site first aid training adventure. 

It’s a blended learning first aid course that caters to various learning styles, ensuring a deep and lasting understanding of crucial first aid principles.

Participants will engage in realistic first aid scenarios and nighttime activities, utilizing industry-leading first aid equipment and training. 

The course is designed to simulate real-life situations, preparing attendees for any emergency they might encounter in the wilderness.

Ideal Candidates for First Aid for Outdoor Professionals

This course is tailored for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts who seek comprehensive wilderness first aid courses. 

It’s also ideal for those looking for personalized first aid training, ensuring that each participant can confidently handle emergency situations in remote locations.

Exploring Queensland: Nearby Attractions and Accommodations

The training locations are nestled in areas rich with natural attractions, offering participants the chance to explore Queensland’s stunning landscapes.

For those traveling from afar, numerous accommodation options are available, ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to camping sites, enhancing the wilderness experience.

Reaching the training venues is straightforward, with various transportation options available. 

Whether driving or using public transport, each site is accessible, ensuring a hassle-free journey to the start of your wilderness first aid adventure.

Earn Your Remote Location First Aid Certification and Benefits

Upon completion, participants receive certifications including the:

  • HLTAID011: Provide First Aid
  • SISOFLD004: Provide First Aid in Remote Locations
  • SISXEMR002: Coordinate Emergency Responses
  • HLTAID009: Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • HLTAID010: Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID013: Provide First Aid in Remote or Isolated Site
  • SISXEMR004: Coordinate Emergency Responses

These certifications are not just pieces of paper; they are badges of honor, representing skills that could save lives in remote locations.

How to Enroll: Contact Info for Wilderness First Aid Training

Enrolling in the Wilderness First Aid Training is easy. 

Interested individuals can visit the official website or contact the organizers directly for more information. 

Concluding Thoughts: Embrace the Wilderness with Confidence

The Wilderness First Aid Training in Brisbane is more than just a learning experience; it’s a vital step towards becoming a responsible adventurer and outdoor professional. 

With its comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and stunning locations, this course is a must for anyone who wants to embrace the wilderness with confidence and competence.

For more details on the Wilderness First Aid Training in Southeast Queensland, including specific course dates, locations, and enrollment procedures, please visit

Wilderness First Aid Training


13 – 14 January 2024

02 – 03 March 2024

Location: Samford (North Brisbane)