Explore Vintage Wonders at the Samford Antique & Record Fair Near Brisbane

Samford Antique & Record Fair

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Samford Village Antique Fair Experience

Located just a short drive from Brisbane, the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair is an event not to be missed for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Offering a diverse collection of antiques, collectables, and vintage records, this fair combines the excitement of discovery with a nostalgic journey through history.

Ideal for anyone from avid collectors to those looking for a unique weekend outing, the fair presents an opportunity to explore a wide array of treasures in one of Queensland’s most scenic settings.

2024 Samford Antique Fair Dates, Times, and Essential Visitor Information

  • Location: Samford Showgrounds, 40 Showgrounds Dr, Highvale QLD
  • Dates:
    • Friday, 29th March: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Saturday, 30th March: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Admission: $8, with children under 14 years admitted free of charge.

Inside the Samford Fair: Antiques, Vintage Records, and Unique Finds

As you step into the world of the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair, you are greeted by an array of stalls, each brimming with treasures that tell a story.

Antique furniture that whispers tales of yesteryear, vintage fashion that flaunts the elegance of bygone eras, rare records that play the soundtrack of history, and collectables that have been witnesses to the unfolding of time.

Here, every item has a narrative, every artifact a legacy.

The fair is not just about browsing and purchasing. It is an interactive experience.

Experts are on hand to provide appraisals, uncovering the stories and values hidden within your own collectables.

It’s a place where history comes alive, not just through the items on sale but through the conversations, exchanges, and shared passions of those who gather here.

Who Loves the Samford Antique Fair? A Must-Visit for Collectors & Families

The Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair is a haven for a diverse audience.

Collectors, both seasoned and new to the hobby, find themselves in a treasure trove of possibilities, where rare and sought-after items await discovery.

Interior decorators and homeowners seeking unique pieces to add character and charm to their spaces will find ample inspiration among the vintage and antique selections.

Families looking for a rewarding day out will delight in the fair’s welcoming atmosphere and the opportunity to introduce younger generations to the beauty of the past.

Meanwhile, history buffs and enthusiasts of retro music can immerse themselves in the richness of the collections on offer.

This event transcends mere shopping; it is a cultural experience, a community gathering, and a journey back in time.

It is for anyone and everyone drawn to the allure of antiquity, the stories of yesteryear, and the joy of discovering something truly unique.

Beyond the Fair: Exploring Samford Village’s Hidden Gems

After immersing yourself in the treasures and tales of the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair, take the opportunity to explore the broader charms of Samford Village and its surrounding areas. Highvale, with its serene landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, serves as the perfect starting point for your adventure. Here’s what awaits:

  • Samford Village: A short drive from the Samford Showgrounds, this quaint village is the heart of the local community. Stroll through the streets and discover a variety of cafes and eateries, each offering delicious local produce and a warm, friendly environment.
  • Local Artisan Shops: Samford and its environs boast an array of boutique shops featuring handmade crafts, art, and unique gifts. These local businesses showcase the creativity and spirit of the Highvale and Samford communities.
  • Nature Walks and Trails: The area around Highvale is renowned for its natural beauty. Engage with the great outdoors through a network of walking and biking trails that offer breathtaking views and the chance to encounter local wildlife. The nearby D’Aguilar National Park, with its expansive forests and scenic lookouts, is a must-visit for nature lovers.
  • Cultural and Historical Sites: Delve into the rich history of the region by visiting local historical sites and museums. Learn about the area’s heritage and the stories that have shaped it into the vibrant community it is today.

A visit to the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair is more than just an event; it’s an entryway into the broader experiences offered by the Samford Valley and Highvale area. Make the most of your trip by exploring these hidden gems and discovering the beauty, culture, and community spirit that thrives beyond the fair.

Easy Access: Your Guide to Reaching the Samford Antique Fair

Planning your visit to the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair is straightforward, thanks to the accessible location at the Samford Showgrounds in Highvale. Whether you’re driving or using public transport, here’s how you can easily find your way:

By Car:

  • From Brisbane: Take the route towards Samford along Samford Road, following signs for Samford Village. Continue on Main Street before turning onto Mount Glorious Road. From there, take a slight right onto Showgrounds Drive, where you’ll find the Samford Showgrounds. Ample parking is available on-site, with clear signage directing you to the best spots.
  • Parking: The Samford Showgrounds offer plenty of parking spaces, ensuring a hassle-free start to your day at the fair. Follow the signs or instructions from onsite staff to locate the parking area.

Public Transport:

  • Bus Services: For those preferring public transport, several bus lines run from Brisbane to the Samford area. While direct routes to Highvale are limited, visitors can take a bus to Samford Village and enjoy a short taxi or rideshare journey to the Samford Showgrounds.

Discover Why the Samford Antique Fair Is the Season’s Must-Do Event

The Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair is more than just an event; it is a celebration of history, culture, and community.

It offers a unique opportunity to connect with the past, discover stories embedded in physical objects, and find pieces that add meaning to our lives.

The fair serves as a reminder of the beauty and value of preserving and cherishing our collective heritage.

For collectors, it is a treasure hunt of unparalleled scale.

For families, a day of education and entertainment.

For everyone, a chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse in the simplicity and charm of yesteryear.

The fair invites you to explore, learn, and take a piece of history home with you.

Join the Adventure at the Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair

The Samford Antique, Collectable & Record Fair stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of antiques, collectables, and vintage records.

It captures the imagination and transports visitors to a world where the past is palpable and cherished.

Whether you’re seeking a rare collectable, a piece of vintage fashion, or simply a day out filled with nostalgia and discovery, the Samford Fair promises an experience like no other.

Come, discover the charm of yesteryear, and maybe, just maybe, find that piece of the past that speaks directly to your heart.

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