Brisbane Celebrates Ben & Jerry’s 2024 Free Cone Day: Join the Sweetest Event of the Year

Free Cone Day 2024 in Brisbane

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On April 16, 2024, Brisbane joins the global celebration of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, a much-anticipated event offering free ice cream to all attendees.

This day-long event, running from 12 PM to 8 PM, not only thanks Ben & Jerry’s loyal fans but also brings the community together over shared love for ice cream.

Everything You Need to Know About Brisbane’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2024

Date & Time: April 16, 2024, from 12 PM to 8 PM.


  • Ben & Jerry’s Southbank Brisbane, 153 Stanley Street Plaza, South Brisbane, QLD
  • Hoyts Sunnybank, Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre, Sunnybank, QLD

Discover Why Ben & Jerry’s Offers Free Ice Cream in Brisbane on Free Cone Day

“Free” and “Ice Cream” are two terms that effortlessly bring smiles to faces, but when combined, they represent something even bigger at Ben & Jerry’s—gratitude.

This annual tradition isn’t just about the free scoops; it’s a heartfelt “thank you” to the loyal fans who’ve made Ben & Jerry’s a household name.

The 2024 Free Cone Day is a testament to this spirit of generosity, inviting Brisbane’s ice cream lovers to indulge in their favourite flavours—from the iconic Chunky Monkey to the rich Chocolate Fudge Brownie—without reaching for their wallets.

Experience Unlimited Happiness: What to Expect at Brisbane’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Imagine a day where the only limit to how much ice cream you can enjoy is how many times you’re willing to queue up.

That’s the promise of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Brisbane.

But it’s not just about savouring that first bite of creamy goodness; it’s about the smiles exchanged with strangers in line, the laughter shared with friends as you debate which flavour to try next, and the collective joy that fills the air, as palpable as the Brisbane sunshine.

Who’s Invited to Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2024 in Brisbane? Everyone!

Free Cone Day is open to everyone!

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, bring your friends, family, or come by yourself to enjoy a day filled with delicious ice cream.

Explore Brisbane: What to Do Near Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day Locations

After enjoying your free scoop, consider these conveniently located attractions for a perfect day out in Brisbane:

  • Southbank Brisbane: Just steps away, Southbank offers beautiful parklands, the Brisbane Wheel, and cultural attractions like the Queensland Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art.
  • Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre: A foodie’s delight, Sunnybank Plaza is home to a diverse range of dining options. Perfect for a meal after your ice cream treat.

These locations offer a quick transition from your Free Cone Day experience to exploring what Brisbane has to offer, without the need to travel far.

How to Easily Get to Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Brisbane: Tips & Directions

Accessibility is key to enjoying Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day to the fullest, and Brisbane offers various options to ensure your journey is as smooth as the ice cream awaiting you.

Public transport in Brisbane is reliable and efficient, with bus and train services running regularly to both Southbank and Sunnybank.

For those preferring to drive, parking facilities are available, though arriving early is advisable to secure a spot.

Don’t Miss Out: Join Brisbane’s Biggest Ice Cream Celebration at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is more than an event; it’s a movement that celebrates generosity, community, and the pure joy of ice cream.

It’s a day where every scoop served is a reminder of the sweetness that life has to offer and the moments of happiness we share with others.

So, gather your friends, bring your family, or simply come as you are to be part of this unforgettable celebration in Brisbane.

Remember, the only thing better than ice cream is free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and on April 16, 2024, it’s yours to enjoy—over and over again.