Discover Timeless Treasures at the Brendale Antique and Collectable Fair

Brendale Antique and Collectable Fair

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Welcome to the Brendale Antique & Collectable Fair: A Journey Through Time

Step into a world where history and charm intertwine at the Brendale Antique and Collectable Fair

This unique vintage collectables fair, set against the backdrop of the Brendale Sports Complex, offers a journey through time. 

The event, renowned as the Pink Carpet Event, not only celebrates the beauty of the past but also supports a noble cause.

Discover the Highlights of the Brendale Antique Fair 2024

The January Weekend Antique Fair, a big 2-day weekend event in Brendale, opens its doors to the public, offering a chance to explore a myriad of treasures.

The Brendale Sports Complex Events become the focal point for antique enthusiasts.

The admission details for the Brendale Antique Fair are designed to be inclusive, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience.

What to Expect: Unique Finds at the Brendale Collectables and Records Fair

The fair showcases an extensive collection of Brendale vintage and antique items, attracting antique sellers from all over Australia. 

The fair is an ideal destination for collectors, families, and anyone interested in antiques and vintage items. 

It’s a children-friendly antique fair, making it perfect for a family outing.

Explore More at the Brendale Fair: Activities & Nearby Attractions

The Collectables and Records Fair section is a paradise for music lovers, while the array of antique and vintage items caters to the tastes of every collector.

The fair’s location in Brendale offers various dining and recreational options, making it a complete weekend destination.

  • Visit Local Art Galleries: Explore the vibrant art scene in Brendale with visits to local galleries showcasing contemporary and traditional artworks.
  • Local Parks and Playgrounds: Spend time in nearby parks, which often have playgrounds, perfect for children to enjoy.
  • Mini-Golf or Bowling Alleys: Engage in fun activities like mini-golf or bowling, which are great for family entertainment and are often located near Brendale.

Brendale is easily accessible by public transport, and the Brendale Fair opening hours are convenient for both early birds and latecomers.

Insider Tips for Enjoying the Brendale Antiques & Vintage Event

With an ATM facility at the Brendale Fair, transactions are made easy.

 Attendees are encouraged to follow the event on social media for updates and tips.

Final Thoughts: Celebrating History and Community at the Brendale Vintage Fair

The Brendale Antique and Collectable Fair is more than just an antique and vintage shopping event; it’s a cultural experience that brings together the community. Supporting the Glen McGrath Foundation Charity Event adds a layer of purpose to your visit.

For inquiries or more details, visitors can check the event’s official website.

Brendale Antique and Collectable Fair

Date and Time: 

January 6, 2024, 9AM – 4PM &

January 7, 2024, 9AM – 2PM

Location: South Pine Sports Complex Brendale

Admission: $8 Adults, Children Under 14 years Free